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Over the years, we have worked in communities as small as Orestes, Indiana (334) to communities as large as Greater Los Angeles and New York City (over 8 million) with consistent award-winning success. We have worked in manufacturing facilities with less than 30 non-unique employees and in facilities with over 5,000 union employees. In fact, one facility was so large it had its own zip code, and more that 20 unions represented its labor and administrative force.

One major automotive manufacturer, which annually bestows quality awards of distinction on only 1% of its vendors, included us in this coveted circle; only 90 out of 9,000 were so cited.

In 1998, Donald R. Truza, SPHR, CMF, an eight-year operating partner of the firm, assumed the reins of The Transition Team as CEO and moved the Executive offices to Knoxville, Tennessee while still maintaining regional office in Michigan.

Don also has the distinction of being President Emeritus of the Outplacement Industry's official professional association: ACF International, and also former Vice President of Human Resources for Sea Ray Boats.

Charles Pletcher, who is retired near Ocala, Florida remains a strategic business consultant, as well as an ongoing contributing consultant, to the Team's popular and expanding Pre-retirement Planning Programs.