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Group Outplacement

The Transition Team is a leader in Group Outplacement. Our Group Outplacement Process provides benefits to the Company, its' Employees, both laid-off and survivors, and the Community. Our success in maintaining a high retention rate, protecting the company's image, and maintaining damage control such as theft and sabatoge, and reducing Workers Compensation Claims leads the industry. We assist displaced employees going through Career Transitions with Life and Career Planning. The process is more than just helping them find a new job it is a way to deal with devastating events in the lives of them and their family. Finally, we become involved with community, professional, social, and government organizations to provide employees with a "seamless transition" – they will always know where to get help.

Project Process

A. Pre-Project — The Transition Team works to insure successful closings or downsizings by performing extensive pre-project planning and communications.

  1. The Project Manager sets goals to review with site management.
  2. A comprehensive program is implemented for external image protection.
  3. Internal damage is controlled through a proactive multi step process.
  4. Research is conducted on the community, Department of Labor Statistics, and the local WIA Offices.
  5. A Pastors Outreach Program is researched & presented to benefit employees.
  6. Contact Federal, State and Local government agencies to optimally integrate those resources into the outplacement process.
  7. Search database to develop a list of potential employers within commuting distance.

B. Project — The Transition Team helps manage a group of displaced employees through Life-Career Planning, Resume Construction, Search Techniques (including Networking) and Interviewing Skills and Techniques. Spouses or significant others are encouraged to participate in the process — a Career Transition effects all family members.

  1. Project Set–Up Project Manager meets with the Site Manager, Facility Staff and Union Committee (if applicable). Together they develop a project calendar. The Project Manager reviews facilities and equipment needed for outplacement services and orders workbooks and project materials. The Project Manager prepares a Project Overview and determines, with management, when Project Status Reports will be submitted.
  2. Project Services
    1. Orientation Meetings — group meetings with all displaced employees
    2. Managing Change Workshop — group meeting
    3. Life & Career Planning Workshops — group meeting
    4. Transitional Financial Planning Seminar — group meeting
    5. Resume Workshop — group meeting
    6. Individual Resume Counseling — 1 on 1 individual counseling session
    7. Individual Interviewing Counseling — 1 on 1 individual counseling session
    8. Individual Life/Career Counseling — counseling session with employee/spouse
    9. Search Systems Workshop — group meeting
    10. Effective Interviewing Workshop — group meeting
    11. Managing the Transition Process — group

    Career Resource Center (CRC) — this is the heart of The Transition Team's Group Outplacement Process. The CRC is an on-going activity that serves as the command post for the displaced employees as they move through their Career Transition. In the CRC, Staff perform job development, consisting of sending out a broadcast letter, followed by phone calls and emails, secure open job orders from potential employers, arrange for on-site visits by employers, conduct pre– and post interview counseling, set interview appointments and individualize the group training to meet the candidates' needs.

    We also provide research resources to displaced employees, arrange for guest speakers, and hold networking meetings. We organize government services meetings, community services meetings, education job fairs and employment job fairs.

    The CRC maintains contact with terminated employees and tracks if they have "landed" (found a job, went back to school, started a business or retired). If displaced employees are continuing to look for work, the CRC Staff continues to assist them.

  3. Optional Group Outplacement Services
    1. Leading Through Transition Seminar — is a seminar to assist managers and supervisors in leading their employees once the announcement is made. This is a great tool for Managers & Supervisors.
    2. Managing Change for Survivors Seminar — is a group meeting designed to prepare the surviving employees for the changes that have happened through the downsizing and prepare them to be productive employees with the organization.
    3. Considering Self Employment Seminar — is a group meeting to explore the ramifications of going into business for themselves. CRC Staff assists displaced employees with moving forward with self-employment using the SBA, SBDC, SCORE, local Chambers of Commerce, library and college resources.
    4. Planning for Retirement Seminar — is a group session designed to provide information on planning for retirement. This is aimed at displaced employees from 25 to 65 years old. It is never to plan for retirement!
    5. Spouse Relocation Program — this is for the spouse that is being moved with your employee to a new location to assist them in finding their new career.

C. Post Project — The Transition Team does not end a project at the time the facility closes or the downsizing is completed. We develop a final project status report, we follow up with displaced employees where they have landed, and we offer to meet with client representatives (from Corporate to Local Management) to review the process to see if the project met the goals established in the Pre–Project Phase.