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"...It seems that you have an unlimited supply of rabbits to pull from your hat! Your teamwork and dedication are impressive, to say the least. Thanks for the kind consideration and help. It's great to be associated with your fine organization." ~ Displaced Employee

"I would recommend to any company, that is truly concerned about its displaced employees, to provide the services of The Transition Team. It is a tremendous resource for the employee and it can only help the company's image after such a situation." ~ Displaced Employee

"...I am forever grateful for the role you and your team played in making my career change a success. Your willingness to spend time with me and to provide counsel, guidance, assistance and tools will be etched in my heart and mind forevermore." ~ V.P. Mergers & Acquisitions, Compaq Computer

"The Transition Team has gone beyond our expectations in giving personalized and caring support in a very cost-effective approach." ~ Philips Consumer Electronics

"Honestly, if I had been asked to choose between our severance package and the services of The Transition Team, I quickly would've chosen The Transiton Team." ~ Spouse of Executive